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1.1. researchpropaper.com acts as an agent for qualified expert writers to sell original custom essays, custom dissertations and other academic work to customers.

1.2. The customer undertakes to check the work once it has been delivered, and to notify researchpropaper.com of any concerns within 7 days of initial delivery.

1.3. researchpropaper.com is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using our services. This includes financial, physical, moral, ethical or personal loss of any sort.

1.4. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any work ordered from researchpropaper.com is used in a legitimate manner that does not contradict any laws that may apply in the customers part of the world.

2.1. researchpropaper.com undertakes to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all customers, subject to applicable laws.

2.2. researchpropaper.com undertakes to store information about customers only for the purpose of fulfilling the customers order, and in full accordance with the Data Protection Act.

2.3. researchpropaper.com will not share, sell, rent or otherwise distribute any information about customers to any other party.

2.4. researchpropaper.com reserves the right to record customers IP address when customers place an order, and when customers communicate with researchpropaper.com.

2.5. Use of a proxy IP connection to access this website or while emailing researchpropaper.com is not permitted.

2.6. When you place an order with us, you agree to exclusively assign to us all intellectual property (IP) rights, including copyright, to any written, pictorial, and/or electronic commentary that you write and/or place on or in any website, blog, message board, forum, webpage or mass correspondence.

2.7. All rights regarding the contents of this website, researchpropaper.com, are reserved. You may not download copies of any text or images from this website, or in any way duplicate, copy or store (either online or offline) any text or images from this website, or hot-link to any text or images, or in any way reproduce or cause to be reproduced any part of this website without written permission from us in advance.

3.1. researchpropaper.com offers a number of guarantees regarding our service.

3.2. researchpropaper.com guarantees to deliver work on time. This means by midday London time (GMT) on the deadline date selected by the customer on the order form (or an alternative date if arrange subsequently).

3.3. researchpropaper.com offers a £10,000 guarantee concerning plagiarism. For the purpose of this agreement, plagiarism is defined as the unattributed or unreferenced use of another persons work for more than 200 consecutive words and a work is deemed to be plagiarised if it scores more than 50% on an independent plagiarism test performed using Turnitin, and excluding bibliography, appendix, quotations, titles and references. In the event of a dispute, researchpropaper.com shall appoint an independent third party of its own choosing to make a judgement. researchpropaper.com shall then decide whether the work contains plagiarism. The decision made by researchpropaper.com is final.

4.1. researchpropaper.com and its writers undertake to make any changes requested by the customer, at no extra cost, within a reasonable period of time, usually within 24 hours.

4.2. The exception to (4.1.) is that researchpropaper.com reserves the right to refuse to make any changes if there is a reasonable suspicion that the customer is asking for changes that fundamentally alter the work beyond the original topic or question. If such suspicions arise, researchpropaper.com reserves the right to refuse to make changes, and will issue a refund at its own discretion.

5.1. Refunds will be made within 30 days of agreement to provide a refund. No interest shall be paid.

6.1. Prices do not include VAT. No VAT receipt can be issued. A general email receipt of payment can be issued, but this is not a VAT receipt.

7.1. Payments made by customers are made to the writer and not to researchpropaper.com.

8.1. researchpropaper.com and its writers do not condone plagiarism either explicitly or implicitly. Essays are sold for the purpose of providing guidance.

8.2. When a customer purchases work from researchpropaper.com, the customer does not receive the copyright to that work. The copyright remains with the writer.

8.3. Notwithstanding (8.3), researchpropaper.com and its writers undertake to not re-use, redistribute or re-sell any work that a customer has ordered and paid for.

9.1. If a customer disputes the quality or reliability of any work, researchpropaper.com will make an assessment of such claim. researchpropaper.com will decide if the claim has merit, and the decision of researchpropaper.com shall be final.

9.2. The customer is not permitted to pass the work of as his or her own. Therefore, the quality of the work is judged based on the assessment of researchpropaper.com and is not indicative of the grade that the work would achieve if submitted to any kind of course.

10.1. researchpropaper.com reserves the right to cancel an agreement to provide work at any time, without explanation and without notice.