PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are done in order to present reports acccurately and in a short period of time. Learning how to do presentations in PowerPoint is very important as you will be expected to make many such reports in your carreer life time. Oral presentations in PowerPoint have to be done in such a way that they be clear and direct to the point. Power point presentations are done on slides in order for the person presenting them to be able to convey the message in a structured manner. Mostly PowerPoint presentations last for about 15 minutes. Our writing tips give you the idea on how to structure your slides for better grades. The format of writing good scientific PowerPoint presentation follows a step by step order.

  • Title slide carries the authors name
  • Give three to four slides for introduction of your presentation report
  • One to three other slides should include information of th materials and methods used in your scientific research.
  • Three to 6 slides should give the results of your investigation
  • Finally you can give your conclusions and discussions in the last three to six slides
  • the slides should not be overloaded with information.
  • always try using bulleted format, and you should not have more than 4 bullets in a single slide
  • use a single background for all your slides, using large fonts for visual engagement with your audience.

All in all, a fifteen minute presentation should include at least 15 slides, each running for slightly less than a minute to avoid losing your audience. Slides simplicity, visual engagement and logical continuity in your presentation should be a key point. This may sound too much for any beginner in writing for presentations. We offer PowerPoint presentation writing help to students and other professionals. Do not feel hopeless or be frustrated with writing your PowerPoint presentation as we have a professional team of writers who will help you in writing well structured and quality PowerPoint presentation.