Editing Service

Our editing service is specifically designed to strengthen and build upon a research study which you have already completed. Once you takeout our editing service and send us your essay, research paper, term paper, dissertation, thesis, IB extended essay, Capstone Project, we do the following:

· Read through it and assess its potential. If it has the potential to be a first class essay, we immediately start working on it;

· Thoroughly check it for plagiarism to ensure that you did not, unintentionally, confuse your writing with the notes you took while reading through the research material.

· If the number of sources is lacking or any are found to be weak and unreliable, we replace them (or add) peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles to your study;

· All repetitive points are eliminated;

· If your argument is found to be circular, we will restructure it and ensure that it is a linear argument which goes from point to point in a logical and persuasive manner;

· If your argument or discussion is found to be lacking, we will build it up

· Any weak points will be eliminated and we will replace them with stronger, well-written and excellently presented points.

This service, as you may judge for yourselves, is designed to help students who have already done the work but need to strengthen it and maximise their chances of earning a top mark. With us by your side, you can rest assured that the hard work you put into your research will be rewarded with the grade you want.