FAQ โ€” Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. We welcome all questions from our clients and strive to provide answers in a timely manner. For your convenience we have listed the most commonly asked questions about our custom essay writing service that we have received. If there are other questions that you have, please donโ€™t hesitate to contact us by using the Ask Questions button on the top right hand corner of the page.

1. Will my order and the custom essay writing service you provide for me be confidential?

We have a very strict privacy policy in place for all orders for our custom essay writing services. Whether you simply want assistance in choosing a topic, help with editing or writing from scratch, no one will know that you came to us for help. We do not release any information about our clients to any third parties.

2. Will I have to rewrite anything I order from your custom essay writing service?

Rewriting is not necessary when you utilize our custom essay writing service. Every piece of writing that we do for clients is completely original. We have a policy regarding plagiarism in place and our writers abide by this policy to the letter. We donโ€™t start any writing until we confirm your order and the requirements, which means that every essay is different and unique. There are no pre-written essays to adapt to your needs so you can feel safe in printing off the essay and submitting it for your course.

3. Will I be able to communicate with the writer completing my order from custom essay writing service?

You will be able to communicate with us through email but it wonโ€™t be with the writer. Any communication you receive or send will go through our customer service department and then the message will be relayed to the writer. The reason for this policy is that we donโ€™t want the writer to be distracted by emails and as a result make mistakes or not be able to meet your deadline for the custom essay writing services we provide.

4. Would I be able to receive a quote for the cost of an essay from your custom essay writing service?

Yes we provide free quotes for clients who are not sure of the total cost of utilizing our custom essay writing services. It is also very easy to determine the cost because we have a pricing structure printed. The factors that affect the cost are the time in which you want the essay written, the academic level and the number of pages.